Themes Of Education In Waiting For Superman

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Superman is a fictional comic hero who saves the day and seeks the worst areas to transform them into the best. In Waiting for Superman, the hopeful stories of children nationwide explain the anxious and sometimes doubtful times of longing for a dramatic change. Through their stories, the viewer is able to experience the roller coaster of emotions attached with the desire for a child to receive the best education that can be offered. Dramatic change and the best education able to be offered are widely associated with charter schools throughout the film. Statistics and comparisons further aid the viewer to conceptualize the importance of charter schools and their beneficial impact on a child’s education. Metaphors are also relied on to …show more content…

Mentioning danger of going to school evokes frustration that innocent children not much older than ten or eleven years old must face harsh realities so early in life. Frustration assists in acknowledging that school is suppose to be a place where children feel safe and from Bianca’s perspective it exaggerates the emotion to bring attention to the lack of basic necessities in schools. Emily’s story plays an essential role in not only relating failing education to poverty-stricken neighborhoods but also to schools where parents would be more than satisfied to send their child. Her story deals directly with students who get left behind because of outlying, high performance students who conceal the lower portion of a school. This creates relatability for many viewers who are not apart of the impecunious population and raises concern that everyone, no matter the geographic location, is vulnerable to an inadequate education. Including the entire population precisely states that education is a problem that affects a much larger population than expected and anyone can fall through the cracks.
The children within Waiting for Superman, only tell one side of the story though, while the parental figures who care for the children tell the other. Involving the parents in the explanation of the challenges faced in receiving a quality education allows the viewer to feel the anxiety and stress of

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