Theological Reflection on the Root Causes of Poverty Essay

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In our contemporary modern and global context, theology more concretely understood, is critical reflection on historical praxis. This definition emphasizes human action (praxis) as the point of departure for all reflection and as the determining factor in our encounter with the Lord and with other humans. Our actions in history (past, present, and future) shape has to shape our theological reflection and understanding. Today’s society has many problems such as poverty that causes numinous members of the society to look for solutions to these issues. A common way that the people of today’s society use as a solution to solve the problem of poverty is to give money to those individuals who are subjected to this way of life. The problem with …show more content…

This ideal of making money to become successful has established a state of alienation for the poor in society for centuries. By that logic, it is clear now just how destructive it is to gain money. Also, it shows how ineffective it would be to try to “help” the poor by giving them money when the whole idea of money has caused them to live in poverty. This new way of thinking has been destructive for many communities in society throughout history that were once separate from this way of thinking and were strong, independent and, functional before this way of thinking came to corrupt their communities. The African American community was a victim in this corruption. Before they gained Civil Rights they worked together separate and functional outside of this way of thinking. Eventually they were caught up into a struggle to join this way thinking, which they did join it and this caused many of them to become greedy with the idea of personal success that they left their communities behind For society to one day understand poverty they must follow or at least recognize the three task of liberation theology. A person going into this must first gain a deeper insight into the complexity of poverty. That person has to get inside the experience of poverty. To get inside of

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