Theology And Pastoral Leadership : Theology Essay

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Beeley, C. A. (2009). Theology and Pastoral Leadership. Anglican Theological Review, 91(1), 11-30
Beeley makes the argument that theology lies at the center of Christian leadership. It sites early theologians from the past, later theologians in the Anglican and other traditions. The author provides the relationship between theology and practicalities of leaders work, the ministry of the word, pastoral interpretation of Scripture, and the regular study of the work of Christian leadership. He points out in the article that pastoral leadership is a metaphor for all of the church 's leadership which includes the laity. The church is led by pastors, deacons, and some laity that all work together to be ministers of the gospel in the world.
Personal Reflection
From this article, I gained a greater understanding of the practical application of theology in leadership. The author makes the points that it is a mistake to believe that the more something is theological makes it less practical. From the time of the first century, church leaders have had a practical application for their theology. The author notes that Bible study provides for Christian growth, and effective Christian leadership is the direct consequence and the goal of biblical covenants from the time of Christ to the second coming. The chief function of Christian leadership is to guide believers through their ongoing transformation to sanctification, and strong pastoral leadership requires a lifetime of prayerful

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