Theoretical Frameworks And Influence Of Parenting

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My Virtual Child Experience Linda Maes Colorado State University HDFS 101 Fall 2015 Dr. Ashley Harvey Theoretical Frameworks and Influence of Parenting Parenting styles differ greatly. Understanding how to parent each child individually is an important concept to learn when becoming a parent. Four parenting styles have been developed to explain how parents relate to their children. The styles are divided into two sub-categories: Demandingness or responsiveness towards the children, (i.e. the amount of control versus warmth shown to the children). Baumrind defined these styles as authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and disengaged (Arnett, 2012). The parenting style that I used while raising my virtual child was authoritative. For example, when my child “Samuel” was 3 years old he would not mind me or pick up his toys. I would ask him again, firmly yet in a calm voice. He would then do as I asked, and I would thank him and give him praise for a job well done. Another example is when Samuel was 16, and he broke his curfew. I appreciated that he called to let me know (he communicated) and I reminded him of the curfew limit, but did not punish him for being late. The authoritative style consists of a parent making clear to the child the rules of the family and what is expected of him, and setting consequences for when those rules are broken. The authoritative parent enforces the

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