Theoretical Perspective On Society

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Theoretical Perspectives

There are a few theories that support the way the world is viewed, whether is be society working together, against each other, or through communication each of them have a complete explanation as to why they are in existence. The way someone stands in their worldview will sway them to pick the theory they think best correlates as to what is going on in society today. This meaning everyone has their own opinion of life and what is going on, someone who has been affected more than another couple lean towards the theory that most goes with their life. Deciding between the three; society as a whole, society conflicting with each other, or society communication on a smaller scale, I decided the theory that best goes with my view of the world today.
One of the ways to view the world sociologically is by Structural functionalism. This theory views society as one complete unit with everyone working together to do their role. Everyone relies on each other to make sure everyone does their role to have the society run smoothly. Since everything is looked at as a whole the parts are studied as to how the contribute as a complete thing to the society. This type of theory also relies on norms, values, and beliefs; this keeps the society running smoothly. “Emile Durkheim (1858-1917), one of the founding fathers of sociology, was a structural functionalist”, (Claerbaut, ch. 2). The main structures in this type of society are Politics, religion, education, family

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