Theory And Family Systems Theory

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During the semester we have touched upon three important theories relating to social work and the social environment. Eriksonian theory, role theory and family systems theory have crucial aspects in understanding a person’s development. Eriksonian theory brings a positive outlook about people’s ability to change, the belief that clients have a sense of good judgment to do well and succeed. Erikson believed that if children had a healthier ego, the more driven they are to move on to the next sage of development and to new opportunities. According to this theory, every person is required to pass through a series of eight interrelated stages throughout their life span. He also says how personality continues to develop throughout life. Each individual is impacted in a different way than someone else by his or her environment. Role theory helps to explain behavior based off of social interactions. It’s the way of a person acts by being personally defined by a parent, teacher, friend, stranger, etc. Depending on how a person’s behavior is taken by an on looker, they can either be accepted by society or rejected by perceiving themselves as a negative trait. Family systems theory is the view of a family dynamic and how the core group undergoes evolvement in structure and function. Systems help to understand the relationship between different complex variables. Those complex variables include daily challenges and various tasks in life. The theory states that to understand a family,

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