Theory X Case Study

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3.5 Theory X / Theory Y / Theory Z
3.5(1) Theory X
According to McGregor and Cutcher-Gershenfeld (2006), Theory X management assumes the following:
Work is inherently distasteful to most people, and they will attempt to avoid work whenever possible.
Essentially, Theory X assumes that the primary source of employee motivation is monetary, with security as a strong second. Under Theory X, one can take a hard or soft approach to getting results.

For example, Fairwood before the 2000s the staff just force on salary. No bonus, no passion.

3.5(2) Theory Y
For most people, are never completely satisfied. As such, it is these higher-level needs through which employees can best be motivated. (McGregor and Cutcher-Gershenfeld, 2006)

Adhering to the
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2.2.3. Social identity theory of leadership
Bridging the followers as the center and the relationship view, this theory argues that the effectiveness of the leader depends on the motivation of the followers to cooperate with the leader as well as the ability of the leader to influence the followers. (Chemers, 2001; Hogg, 2001; Van Knippenberg & Hogg, 2003; Yukl, 2001).

According to research with the government of Labour and Welfare Bureau mention as Fairwood offering employment to ethnic Minorities, promoting an inclusive and caring culture.

“Caring for society and caring for customers is the watchword for us to fulfill corporate social responsibility on the one hand, and forge a positive relationship with our customers on the other. If customers feel well about you, the patronage will naturally grow.” Chain fast food restaurant group Fairwood Holdings Limited (Fairwood) CEO Mr. Chan Chi-shing hit the nail on the head about corporate participation in developing social capital and how to achieve mutual benefits by making contribution to a caring society.(Labour and Welfare Bureau,
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