There Are An Estimated 12 Million Undocumented Or Illegal

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There are an estimated 12 million undocumented or illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, and their presence has been a source of heated political debate for years. Hard-liners believe that undocumented immigrants are destroying our nation by stealing jobs and social benefits away from American-born citizens. Others recognize the importance of illegal immigrants and believe their existence in the United States is necessary for the country’s success. Currently, President Donald Trump is demonstrating his anti-immigrant sentiment by building a wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico in attempt to block illegals from entering. An immigration reform or mass deportation of illegals could have a serious effect on America’s …show more content…

universities, were associated with an additional 262 jobs for native-born workers” (“Value Added”). Apart from high-skill jobs, immigrants also develop low-skill labor for American workers without a high school diploma or college degree. "We find that 1,000 new immigrants to a US Metropolitan Area generate approximately 1,200 new local jobs, about 62% of which are in the non-traded sector" (Bryan). Undocumented immigrant laborers inflate the supply of labor for both high and low-skilled American workers. Additionally, illegal immigrants benefit the economy in the United States by increasing the annual salary and the standard of living for native-born workers. Immigrants and American citizens are often not drawn to the same job markets, which means there is little to no competition between the two. If illegal immigrants and native-born workers happen to find themselves competing for the same jobs, businesses will often expand to adapt to the extra supply of labor. In fact, illegals actually boost the wages of American-born workers.
“Immigrants and natives tend to have different levels of education, work in different occupations, and possess different skills, the jobs they perform are frequently interdependent and complementary. This increases the productivity of natives, which increases their wages. Second, the addition

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