There Are Family That Constantly Are Never Happy, But Yet

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There are family that constantly are never happy, but yet here they are, three years later, after suffering as long as they can filing for divorce. They use everything that is at their disposal, but things just never seem to turn out right. However, just because there are a few rotten apples in the world doesn’t mean that someone won’t have a shot at the “perfect” person for them. It just seems that it just isn’t their time to experience love. Marriage has been under analysis, especially when comparing how men and women manage their money and is consistent with previous research indicating that women’s management is due to more work than power (Yodanis, C., & Lauer, S. 2007). Money management is very key to a couple’s satisfaction with …show more content…

Half of all couples disagree on the family’s income by more than 10% and half of all couples disagree on the family’s net worth by more than 30% (p. 137) (Dakin, J., & Wampler, R. 2008). Orbuch, T. L., House, J. S., Mero, R. P., & Webster, P. S. “We examine several objective social and economic conditions for their relationship to this later-life increase in marital quality: (1) economic conditions (e.g., household income and assets), (2) occupational obligations of respondent and spouse, and (3) parental responsibilities inside and outside the household” (Orbuch, T. L., House, J. S., Mero, R. P., & Webster, P. S. 1996).

According to “Do demographics affect marital satisfaction,” with respect to the employment status of the sample, more than 70% of the sample (72% of women and 69% men) came from sectors 4 and 5, while 16.5% of women were from the zero sector with only 5% of men belonging to this category. In sector 3, there were 12% of men and 7% of women. Men and women both appear to be in professions that fit with the gender roles assigned to them (Jose, O., & Alfons, V. 2007). According to Yodanis, C., & Lauer, S. (2007) husbands and wives are more equal not only when particular individual attitudes change and wives earn salaries comparable to their husbands but also when the social context carries the expectations of shared rather than male

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