There Is A Plethora Of Theories That Can Be Employed To

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There is a plethora of theories that can be employed to explain crime but none is more applicable and relevant in my mind than the theory that A neighborhood or any form of A location is more than if not as much of A catalyst for crime in that area coupled with the deterioration of the educational system leads to A cycle of insurmountable poverty that in turn leads to crime. Crime is A direct product of poverty. Where there’s an impoverished population with almost nowhere to turn there’s a rise & reason for crime to be present in that area. Coming from A city where the education system has failed so many people such as Baltimore I know what it’s like to witness people who lack the knowledge & confidence in their city back themselves into A …show more content…

He even went as far as describing those individuals who are born to eventually become criminals with specific anatomical features such as “sloping forehead, ears of unusual size, asymmetry of the face, prognathism, excessive length of arms, asymmetry of the cranium and other "physical stigmata". Specific criminals, such as thieves, rapists, and murderers, could be distinguished by specific characteristics that “born” criminals had less sensibility to pain and touch; more acute sight; a lack of moral sense, including an absence of remorse; more vanity, impulsiveness, vindictiveness, and cruelty; and other manifestations, such as a special criminal argot and the excessive use of tattooing. In closing I oppose these theories is firstly due in part to the fact that in the case of Lombroso 's theory he’s basically trying to predict A future of crime for people based on inherited traits that can’t be changed or altered in any way possible and that their just “born primitive”. And on top of all of he firmly believed that just these traits alone basically predetermined what your life would end up inevitably being stating that “A person who is the criminal type cannot refrain from committing crime unless he lives under exceptionally favorable circumstances.” This throws me off because I alone much like most people have at least one recollection of someone who came from unfavorable circumstances and made A successful life for themselves despite

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