There Is A Wealth Of Architectural Heritage

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• There Is A Wealth Of Architectural Heritage Worldwide From Historic City Centres To Cultural Landscape To Some Of The Largest Archaeological Sites In The World. culture underpins the very fabric of our national life as well as bringing wider and social economic benefits. This essay shows an insight of how the legislations and regulations are used to maintain the heritage within its proper standards. Here briefly describing about the legislations prepared in India and comparing with legislations prepared in Scotland (UK). • Recently the graph of the survey taken from the Scottish house hold 2013, shows that the culture and heritage have great value among the protect those heritage the Scottish government came forward with …show more content…

• Controlled development within the regulated area of the monument ,which was fixed at 200m. . • Categorization of monuments into 8 categories . • i – world heritage cultural sites • ii - tentative list of world heritage committee • Iii – sites identified for inclusion in tentative list • Iv – ticketed monuments • Mapping and detailed site plans . • No construction in prohibited area. • Construction in regulated area in accordance with heritage bye laws / development control regulations • Archaeological assessments for large projects essential. • PROFILE : This committee setup by incorporating a new clause 23 in Delhi building byelaws , in 1983 for the protection of heritage buildings, heritage precincts and natural feature areas . • RESPOSIBILITY OF OWNERS : It Shall Be The Duty Of Owners Of Heritage Buildings Etc.. To Carry Out Regular Repairs And Maintenance Of The Building. • REGULATIONS : The HCC Regulations Apply To Heritage Sites Including Buildings, Artefacts, Structures ,Areas ,And Precincts Of Historic Architectural, Aesthetic, Cultural Or Environmental Value Herein After Referred To As Listed Heritage Buildings/Listed Heritage Precincts Etc.(Annexure II Of Clause 7.26- Unified Building Byelaws For Delhi 2016). • Recognizing The Need To Introduce Innovative Patterns Of Cultural Funding In India. The NCF Was Setup As A Trust Under The Ministry Of Culture And Also Facilitate Public-private Partnership In The Field Of Heritage. It

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