There Is Nothing That Young People Can Teach Older People

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TOEFL® essay: There is nothing that young people can teach older people Needless to say, we have to respect and obey older people, partly because they have more experience and knowledge than us, so what they say is almost true. However, that doesn't mean they know everything and young people have nothing to teach them. In the following part of the essay, I will support the idea that there are some things we know but they haven't known and they can learn from us. Young people can teach the elderly anything they may learn through means of mass communication. The statement which is "there is nothing that young people can teach older people" might be true at a certain period of time. Long time ago, when science and technology didn't develop…show more content…
{I think the intro would work better if you had a traditional thesis statement for the last sentence of the intro} Many times our negative attitude or passive thinking becomes a major hurdle on our way to success. Most of us bog[bow] down our head when we face a failure. For instance, yesterday, I spent almost nine hours in the office to identify and fix a bug in my [computer] program. Even after spending long hours and going through the complete program code, I couldn’t find where the problem was. Finally, I went back home dejected and depressed. To relax myself, I started playing with [my] 15 months old son. While playing with him, he tried to stand on his own. Initially he fall down as many times as{I think "every time" sounds better} he tried. Surprisingly, instead of giving up he kept on trying. Finally, after twenty attempts he stood on his own and started laughing. While my son tried till he succeeded in his endeavor, I gave up in the middle. If not because of his never say die attitude, my son wouldn't be standing on his own today. Because I gave up after sometime[too soon] I couldn't achieve my goal of fixing the bug. Although most of us know the importance of this quality{I think "lesson" sounds better than "quality"}, many times we fail to implement it in our real life. Quite often, children’s behavior reminds us the importance of these qualities. We are living in a technological era where change is the only constant
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