Examples Of Hidden Intellectualism Gerald Graff

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“There must be many buried or hidden forms of intellectualism that do not get channeled into academic work…” (Graff 22), this said by non-other than Gerald Graff himself within his article “Hidden Intellectualism”. This quote being his overall main point of the entire article. Graff meaning that students can be intellectual even if they feel like they aren’t a book smart student. Graff argues that students who are street smart could also be intellectual. Within Graff’s article, there are a few arguments he makes that I agree with but also a few that I disagree with. “Hidden Intellectualism” offers various points about how every student possesses intellectualism but it’s also possible that not every student possesses this trait. The …show more content…

This meaning that schools are still missing the chance to tap into the intellectual skills that students possess. An even deeper meaning to this would be the overall fact that students come already equipped with these argumentative intellectual skills. Graff even shows that he agrees with another author named Meier, who believes students should “fight with ideas” instead of “fighting with fists”. This being another point that Graff makes that I would agree with. This being because I use argumentative skills constantly within my own life. Within my family, we often discuss various topics which causes arguments very easily. An example that comes to mind when using these skills would be discussing political viewpoints with my grandma. Both of us would on occasion, sit down and argue about our own points bases off the knowledge that we possess on the specific topic. Usually most arguments resulted in one of us with the beginning argument and the other presenting a counterargument. Within my personal beliefs, I feel as if students often use these skills which is why I agree with Graff. A final point that Graff makes is the experiment that Graff conducted to see if his position on students and intellectualism was accurate. Graff and another teacher named Crandus using his

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