There Once Was A Empire And It Was One Of The Greatest

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There once was a empire and it was one of the greatest empire that have ever lived in history. Genghis Khan kept a successful empire because after his death his relations(the other khans) kept his rain of his emperor for a long period of time, he had a very big empire which was bigger than most of empires around his, also they had a very strong military that would rain terror down on to anyone who dared to mess with them. Genghis Khan’s empire (Mongol Empire) ruled through the years of 1206-1368. When the great Genghis Khan died he was at the age of 65 By the end of the mongol empire they had controlled between 11 to 12 million square miles of land Genghis Khan Became ruler in 1162 and ended his ruling in 1227 when he died. The majority…show more content…
Kublai Khan had a firm passion to learn abou the chinese civilization, Kublai khan tried merge some things that the chinese civilization has used such as customs and culture into the Mongol empire. “When his eldest brother Mondke became Khan of the Mongol empire and placed him governor of the southern territories. After Mongke 's death, Kublai and his other brother, Arik Boke, fought for control of the empire.” Fighting to be the emperor was very common because who ever was the emperor ruled the entire mongol empire. After Kublai Khan was successful he was named Great Khan and ruler of the Yuan dynasty. After Genghis Khan 's death his descendants kept his empire strong and kept getting stronger throughout the years which is what he would want after he had died. Having a bigger empire is a big advantage because you have the ability to take down anyone who tries to get in there way. A big and effective battle tactic they used was a fake retreat, they’d turn and run away then turn back onto pursuing enemies. For this tactic to work there needed to be a lot of communication so they used many relay stations. They also relied on their speed it was like a massive well trained cavalry, its overall army consisted of about 100,000 troops 23,000 horseman the rest soldiers. Some 10,000 of the 100,000 protected the generals and the Emperor at its empire. With these hundred thousand men he took them to expand their empire through 3 major
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