There Were Three Interviews That Took Place. One Of Them

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There were three interviews that took place. One of them came from a director Jenny St. Jean of Peace Methodist Preschool she has been a director for the last six years and prior to that, she taught preschool for three years. Another person that was interviewed is Jennifer Thompson a CRT from Renaissance Charter School. She had been a CRT for the last three years; prior to that, she was a preschool and elementary school teacher. The last interview came from a preschool teacher Jamie from the Peace Methodist School. This is her first year teaching, but prior to that, she was an assistant teacher for eight years.
Children face so many different issues now days. Some come from either a family from divorce parents, have been or are abuse,
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Mrs. St. Jean responded, “The teachers try their best to make sure those students who don’t speak English feel included in the classroom.”” Sometimes, it helps to relay information through a parent who does speak English, so they can help their child.” “The teachers also alter the lesson in a way that is best for a child with special needs. They try to be as accommodating as possible for that child. We also refer them to the Early Intervention screening available in their county, in order to see if they might be eligible to receive services to help them. Many parents are unaware of the services available.”
What implications these barriers or supports have for early childhood trends? Mrs. St. Jean was not sure how to answer the question, so her response was: “We have kept our program focused on learning the basics needed to be successful in kindergarten. Those basics really don’t change.” “We try to assist students who have special needs or are English language learners, as we would assist t all students to
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