Misanthropic Child Abuse

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There’s so many reasons why the world is a very good place, yet, traumatic events can change your perspective on humanity and make you a misanthropic person . Do you blame the individual or society for creating a hatred for the world? Young children don’t know much about the world to begin with. At least the crude reality of it, which in reality, isn’t very pleasant. They only know what is being taught to them, such as “sing along songs”, how to properly color a picture “without going outside of the line” and learning social skills, Their reality is much different than an adult’s reality, which is often a “fluffy version of reality.” Or as they say, it’s all “rainbows and cotton candy.” So when a child is pushed around everyday by the person who is expected to care and love you, they most often become misanthropic.…show more content…
There’s many reasons why a parent might abuse their child, whether it’s because of a substance abuse or just their way of correcting their children . Children will not understand that not everyone will treat them the way that their abuse parents treated them.
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