These Two Men Wear The Same Cloth Sit On The Floor, And

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These two men wear the same cloth sit on the floor, and their backs lean on the wall. The same cloth and the most secure prison show that these two men are the prisoners who are wise and different. From the poster, it’s easy to see that they are deeply thinking about something that might be about the escape plan by themselves or how to connect to each other first. They seem like helpless and lonely. They lean on the wall seems like both want to rely on somebody or something; however, they try their best to focus on thinking about the plan. There’s a sentence by little letter on the poster. It says that “No one breaks out alone.” According to Elizabeth Culotta, teamwork is key to solving the complexing research problem. The secret to their…show more content…
Canada geese migrate long distances flying in V-formation which results in lesser wind resistance allows the whole flock to add around 70 percent greater flying range than if each bird flew alone and reduce energy expenditure (Muna and Mansour, 316). The V-formation gives birds the chance to watch each other and communicate. The cooperation of Canada geese help them warn team mates of potential danger, take care of the young and the old and the leader is responsible for the rest and arrange the strength. Because of that wonderful cooperation between Canada geese, the migration could be successful every time. The cooperation of Canada geese implicates that people who have a common direction or purpose and a sense of communication reach to where they are going quicker and easier because they traveling on the trust with each other (Muna and Mansour, 317). So, that is why a goose that strays from the formation quickly finds out that it is best to stay with its team not flew alone. The example of the V-formation of Canada geese could explain the reason why no one could break the prison alone. There are a lot of variables in escaping from the prison such as the connection with the outside people and the stuff when escaping the prison; therefore, one person could not solve all the problems, he needs team mate like Canada geese need some of their team mates to pay attention to the danger and some to take care the young and the

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