These weeks have been hard on everyone this time more than ever makes it hard for me to think

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These weeks have been hard on everyone; this time more than ever makes it hard for me to think about resigning. As much as McMurphy has changed this ward for the better, there are moments when I wish I could just leave. Before McMurphy arrived there had been a form of brutal control. The patient life`s were scheduled from the time they woke up to the time they went to bed, shoved down their throat, whether they like it or not by the intimidating Nurse Ractched. Each day was a game uno, each day a patient grows restless, defies Nurse Ratched only to be oppressed by her accusing stare. This life was neither free nor safe. Safe is what these patients need in this tough time of their lives. Nurse Ratched imposes discipline on her ward…show more content…
The backbone, which I thought had diminished, began to grow, soon defeating the domineering. Nurse Ratched has the influence to control any person who looms this hospital. She has driven off other nurses on the ward, and I presume the only reason I could say I am still on hand is I do all that I am told, and I think it is time to adjust the schedule.
I have been around this damned hospital for twenty years. Twenty years is a long time, almost twice my age. I have missed what many men would consider prime years, when personal drama of the thirties and fourties go away and a man can start building a life of success, if he was smart and hard working. I am smart and hard working. Not to say that I have been robbed of my time to shine but I haven’t exactly lived the life I would have anticipated. I won’t be missed on this ward. I have spent most of my time disciplined by someone who works for me. Think about that. And for what inconvenience, purely to deliberately drive me off this ward. You may say Nurse Ratched treats me as if I am another patient, weak and vulnerable. The world is divided into the weak and the strong. In this hospital, all patients and staff are rabbits and Nurse Ratched is the wolf, waiting for her next prey to play into her manipulative games and turn on each other.
I cannot let this go on any longer. I need to show I have control of this ward and not let

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