Thesis On Discipline And Gender

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1. Discipline and Gender In this portion the disciplines are analyzed and respondents are divided on the basis of their discipline or department. The different discipline where the study was conducted was BBA, Fine arts, English, chemistry, economics, IT, psychology, Bio Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The disciplines were ranged in strata form on the basis of gender, from which BBA held the highest number of respondents. Table 4 Current Discipline/ Department * Gender Gender Total Female Male Current Discipline/ Department BBA 2 37 39 IT 2 21 23 Fine Arts 3 12 15 Psychology 6 5 11 English 4 4 8 MCM 1 2 3 Chemistry 3 0 3 Bio Chemistry 11 7 18 Economics 10 4 14 Chemical Engineering 1 5 6 Total 43 97 140 Correlation Analysis For this analysis “Pearson correlation coefficient” was used. This correlation was used to calculate the correlation between Students study disciplines with …show more content…

The factors mentioned in this study have been given by Dimaki et al. (2006) and Mringe (2006) which include “friends and family influence, prestige, family income, parents educational level, career prospects, place, media, peer influence, teacher and alumni advice, interest in subject, and importance of education in the society”. Studying the main factors family and friends influence, income of the family and career prospects are limited factors and more factors can be studied upon. If we concentrate on the variables used in this study, income of the family has “positive and significant” relationship with student’s discipline. The disciplines of students vary more in high income families rather than in low income families. Now this was what the literature said. It can also be proved from this analyses that was conducted through this study. Also it showed a 23.0% change with an increase in a unit of family income, which proves the significance of family income with disciplinary

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