Thesis Statement About Autism

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Why autism?
The reason why I chose to talk about autism for my thesis was the fact that I come from a part of the world where nowadays autism is not given much importance, people who have autism are not being well understood nor treated well. Even though I’m not a psychology student I wanted to relate it to my domain of applied modern languages and since I was and still am passionate about this field I have always wanted to write a book about psychological diseases in a simplified way that everyone can understand it. Doing studies in the field of cognitive psychology can let us know a lot about the mechanism of the brain and how it works and which systems and parts of the brain are included when we do diverse tasks. We attempt …show more content…

It can truly adjust brain function. The quicker people are diagnosed and start getting treatment from a psychiatrist, the better their chances of cognitive progress. We must continue researching autism to aid us identify it at an earlier time. Early Autism Recognition = Hope.
Medieval Muslim physicians also developed practices to treat patients suffering from a variety of "diseases of the mind". Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi (850–934) was among the first to discuss disorders related to both the body and the mind, arguing that "if the nafs [psyche] gets sick, the body may also find no joy in life and may eventually develop a physical illness." (saad &said 2011) it is no surprise, then, that raising awareness on autism research is just as important as saving someone’s life. In this paper I will talk about this psychological disorder, Autism disorder And since I worked as a therapy assistant for kids with autism. I want to share more knowledge about autism disorder.
The aim of this paper is to reflect upon the significance of the history of autism, and to express my thoughts concerning the benefits of knowing more about this

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