Thesis Statement For Gold Rush

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Gold Rush in U.S.

Yvonette Sirisnor
Mr Davis
English III 10/17/17 Outline

Thesis Statement: The people moved from the east to west to mind for the gold; this first the indian to moved in made the soil poor from mining.
I. The people move from east to west A. the reason the for they moved B.the moved the indian for they can mine for gold
A.the indian did not wanted to moved the indian fight back for the land B.when the indian went
III.the soil A.the a effect B.what is be done now

Gold Rush in U.S.
The rationale of the gold’s worth, individuals wished to maneuver from east to west to mine for gold. The Americans pushed the Indians far from the land, so that they may mine for gold. The Indians didn't wish to move, and that they fought back furiously to carry their own. Gold has had a profound result on North America. the primary recorded discovery transpired 250 years later in 1799, in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. The last nice gold rush happened in Klondike in 1897. because the company kicked off their journey to wash up the planet of it’s gold, officers were continuously questioned of wherever to let the companies dump all their waste and destroy the ecosystem. Plant Nutrition Technologies came up with an innovative solution; they used residual materials to counterpoint soil on farmland to make super

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