Thesis Statement For William The Conqueror

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Introduction to My Topic - William the Conqueror
William the Conqueror or known as William the Bastard to his enemies, played a huge role in developing England into the country that it is today. (1)
It is important to know the history behind how countries became so powerful.
Thesis statement - Without the help of William the Conqueror, England would not be as powerful a country as it is today. (1)
II. Early life A. Childhood 1. When William was a little boy, he was constantly in danger since he was on the line to become the next king. His guards had to smuggle him to other castles at night to escape people trying to kill him. They had to stay the night in poor people’s homes to ensure that William would be safe. Throughout his childhood, three of William’s guards were murdered along with his tutor. Somehow, his mother always ensured that little William would be safe. The battles that William fought as a child only made him stronger for the battles he would fight later on in his life. (4) 2. When William was only eight years old he became the Duke of Normandy. (1) 3. William was called William the Bastard because he was illegitimate and illiterate, but he was still the Duke of Normandy. Since he was his father’s only son, he was the heir. (1) B. Teen years 1. William was knighted when he was fifteen years old. (2) 2. His fellow councilors plotted against him and tried to overthrow him and tried to

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