Was William II or Henry I king of England the better King? Essay

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Of William I’s (1066-1087) sons, William the II (1087-1100) was a better king than his younger brother Henry I (1100-1135). William I’s was the first Norman king to rule England. He split his heritance between his three living sons. Robert received the rule of Normandy, William II received England and Henry I received five thousand pounds. In early medieval England a good king was a heroic soldier and a strong leader who was fair but enforced the law. It was also important that they were Christian and unsinful. William II “The Rufus”-because of his red face or temper, was true to himself and what he believed in while Henry I “Beauclerc”-because of his high level of education, was a brutal and selfish king, not only to his people, but also…show more content…
Considering this, it is easy to presume that William II treated the church in the manner he did because he was treated unfairly by them. Although Henry I was very giving to the church and restored most of the damage his older brother had inflicted, he was no without sin. Henry I has the largest amount of illegitimate children, of an English King, recorded in history. It was recorded that he had over 20 illegitimate children to many different mistresses. [3] Almost all of his children where acknowledged as his and given superior placements as earls, but because Henry gave the land and money taken from William II back to the church, this known fact was ignored. Henry I paid for his sins by being extremely kind to the church. Both William II and Henry I were strong soldiers like their father and fought in their wars alongside their soldiers. [1][2] Different historians believe each to be the better solider. Most Historians believe Henry I to be the stronger swordsmen, but we must remember that most of the sources found are written with a very biased view, leaning towards Henry I as he was a religious man, unlike William II. The fact of who is the better swordsman is one that can never truly be discovered. Even thought they were both great soldiers, they were not both unfair law enforces. William II was harsh on the law breakers of his time. But Henry I was more corrupt than William II. He was said
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