MKC Pastor Orientation

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CHAPTER ONE: GENERAL INTRODUCATION BACKGROUND OF THE MESERETE KRISTOS CHURCH (MKC) 1.3. Thesis Statement The evangelical and Pentecostal mix of MKC at its establishment, less emphasis on ordination during persecution, and the current misperception of pastoral ordination as hierarchic among fulltime ministers and members led MKC to hesitate accepting the ordination of apostles which resulted in contention, division, and split within the church that needs to be addressed for the sustained unity and mission of the church. Hence the paper argues that the indecision of MKC on ordination of apostles could be solved by addressing the underlying fears through biblical and theological reflection. 1.4. Research Questions This paper attempts …show more content…

Why the question of ordination of apostleship debatable at present in MKC and what could be done to resolve this ecclesiological and theological contention? 1.5. Delimitation of the Research Although there are so many related issues to apostleship, this research is delimited to examine the MKC’s stance on ordaining apostleship. Different opinions concerning the significance of apostolic ordination in the contemporary churches are also out of the scope of this paper. Because such issues as well as other “offices” of ministry such as prophets, bishops and the like need a further research. Therefore, for the sake of manageability this research was limited to the practice of MKC in relation to Apostleship ordination. 1.5. Limitations of the Research MKC has discussed about ordination of apostles at executive committee level, but the discussions were not well documented. As a result, the researcher couldn’t get ample written documents on the church’s understanding about apostleship ordination. This forced the researcher to rely on data gathered from leaders and fulltime ministers of MKC through personal

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