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Slave owners and traders have had an important part in history, but many people have not considered the parts they play and how different they may be. The most obvious similarity between the two is their eyes for profit. The slave business ensued because it became a practical and profitable business in the 1600-1800’s. The men that entered this business did it for profit. Despite this similarity, there remained a number of things that the two did not share, status being one. Another being that they had a completely different need of the slaves they dealt with. The final difference is that the slave owners paid for their slaves and the slave traders took the slaves and sold them to the owners. There are a few people that discuss the …show more content…

Madison can earn back the money he spent on his slaves relatively quickly by putting the slaves he purchased to work and earn off their labor. This is similar to how traders think about slaves. The traders make the journey to Africa gaining profit from selling them to wealthy plantation or other agricultural owners. This is explained by researcher Zinn as, “Under these conditions perhaps every three blacks transported overseas died, but the huge profits(often double the investment on one trip) made it worthwhile for the slave trader, and so the blacks were packed into the holds like fish”(29). The traders would make their money by transporting so many slaves that losing a few would not hurt their profits. Traders transported so many slaves that by the time they reached their destination the money that they spent on the voyage would be earned back and more. This is exactly like the plantation owners that use the slaves to earn huge profits for themselves. Plantation owners had to buy their slaves and after working them hard, they easily earned their losses back. While the owners and traders began to gain profit only one of the two gained status with that profit. Slave owners and traders belonged to two completely different classes. The plantation owners emerged from the wealthy class, and by wealthy it is more like wealthy of the time. This is explained more in depth by DuBois as, “It found itself hindered by slavery in the South: directly because of the growing belief of

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