Things Fall Apart Dialectical Journal

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1) Ok... so all these people are confusing me with their logic. There was the philosopher who tried to have his horse survive on nothing, and then the horse died. It seems like he doesn’t realize that the horse may of died of, oh I don’t know, starvation. The board is all fat, rich people who decide that the poor people are too happy, so they cut their food down to practically nothing and stripped families if they couldn’t afford stuff. Then these FAT men who are starving people probably to death soon, are suprised when someone finally asks for a little more food, claiming it’s so outrageous that Oliver deserves death. Are these those really awful person we were warned about? It’s only chapter 2.

2) Why is everyone in this book a so horrible?
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He somehow seems to think that they made handkerchiefs and went to an execution. “The Jew” has also been introduced. I found out that his name is Fagin. Oliver definitely didn’t know that they were thieves. Cause when he sees them steal, he is so shocked that he runs away and gets falsely accused of being the thief. :( His innocence is so sad and cute.

4) I am SO mad at this book! Everything that can go wrong goes wrong! Oliver leaves Mr. Brownlow’s? Let’s have him kidnapped! Mr. Bumble in London? Well, he’s gonna give Mr. Brownlow an awful version of Oliver’s life! Oliver assigned to help with a burglary? They’re gonna get caught and Oliver shot! Don’t you just LOVE serial writing? Destroying the protagonist's life so it can get sewn back together is SO FUN! I’m being sarcastic if it isn’t obvious.

5) What just happened? I think Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney got engaged, but it feels really forced and what... It feels like reading a bad fanfiction. The characters get together, and it is magical! Why? Cause they should be together, and I want it. That’s why. I’m confused. Have they met before? Even if they had met before, it seemed they had never showed any romantic
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