Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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Throughout history we have learned that different societies are accompanied by different customs. Amongst these customs are the rules, morality, ethnic norms and others that make a society unique.Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a novel that describes a Nigerian community Ibo, that has its own set or rules, norms and traditions. In this novel we are exposed to a community that goes through struggles between change and tradition when Christianity is introduced to the society through British colonization. The novel remains ambivalent about the courses of action that officials and missionaries used to enact Christianity in the Ibo culture. The change that is confronted by this culture affect various characters in different ways. How…show more content…
Mistakes like pouring new wine in old bottles was enough for him to suspend an individual from church. He had no interest in learning about the religion like Mr.Brown did and he did not believe in the stories told no matter how credible the person who confirmed them was. “such stories were spread in the world by the Devil to lead men astray. Those who believed such stories were unworthy of the Lord's table.” (Achebe, p.185) Reverend Smith was judgmental and narrowed down how precise to his standards people who would convert to Christianity had to be. Reverend Smith main goal is to reduce the amount of people who have converted and just stay with those who meet his standards. While he attempts to accomplish this he is encountered with situations that lead other authorities to get involved. District Commissioner calls upon six clansman under Smith's administration. “We shall not do you any harm,” said the District Commissioner to them later, “if only you agree to cooperate with us.” (Achebe, p.194) A passage that demonstrates an indirect form of threat, no harm will be done to the man only if they agree to work with the colonizing administration. Therefor, the clansman would have to give up on their beliefs and agree to work with what the administration wants to impose on the society. After a speech given by the commissioner the

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