Third Bedroom Observation Report

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This week I observed the patients staying in the third floor, and I was able to compare their behavior with the children and adolescents. The adult patients were more sociable than the adolescents; therefore, this facilitated my interaction with some of them. I joined in two different meetings. One of the meetings was about self-expression and the other was about grief. The self-expression therapy was the most meaningful. During this meeting the social worker allowed the patients to draw a map. This map showed their stressful zone as the starting point, and then two obstacles located in the way to happiness, which was the patient’s final destination. It was a very expressive meeting, because patients were able to communicate their feelings and the copy mechanism they were using to obtain their happy point. Some of the patients in the floor suffer from bipolar disorder, …show more content…

She fluctuated from angry mood to a kind person while her nurse was assessing her. She had an authoritarian personality, as well as a grandeurs feeling (Patient stated she was a clothing designer and a future singer).This individual was irritated, and complaining about the hospital personal. One of her maladaptive defense mechanism was to send people away every time they did not please some of her demands. In addition, I heard from a patient how he uses to drink alcohol to forget about the conflicts he has with his wife. This week I witnessed an Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) performed to a patient with severe depression. I always had the belief that this was a cruel procedure and that this was making the patient’s condition worse Now that I know how the procedure is done, and the safety precautions used by the doctor and the health care personal involve. They make sure that patients oxygen levels are kept to 100%, monitor heart rate with an ECG throughout the

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