This Past Week Was My First Full Week In My Outpatient

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This past week was my first full week in my outpatient rotation in the emergency department! For the next 3 weeks (this is my 4-week rotation) I will work 3 pm-1:30 am 4 nights a week. During my emergency department rotation I will be focusing on the following modules from the ACLP internship modules: psychosocial preparation, coping with pain & distress, lifespan development, and communication. These modules will be done fluidly with my experiences, meaning it is not a week by week progression. Since I do not have as strong of a foundation in preparation as with play, my first week was mainly observational, debriefing following every patient interaction, and reviewing/practicing wording for preparation/procedural support. The …show more content…

The patient was engaged during the preparation, even though she was unable to see. During the procedure, I watched as Caitlin continued to narrate the steps happening and distract through conversation and a “guessing game” of what movie she just watched/listened to. The mom actively engaged the patient in the distraction/diversion and was attentive and calm throughout the procedure. I think that the mother truly helped to calm the patient’s anxieties and stress. This patient displayed an emotion-based (or avoidant) coping style, as evidenced when Caitlin said, “I can show you or let you feel the arm straw,” she immediately responded, “I don’t want to.” The patient stayed still but was seeking reassurance throughout the procedure, as evidenced by saying, “Is it almost done?” After the procedure was completed, Caitlin encouraged parental involvement again, and although the patient was 6-years-old got the patient back to her parents as quickly as possible to encourage family-centered care. The patient slightly opened her eyes and began to display anxiety when looking at the IV and her arm pillow. Caitlin quickly clarified any misconceptions and re-explained the arm straw. For the circumstances, I think that this preparation and the procedural support were both successful. Of course, there were things that both Caitlin and I wish that we could have changed in the situation (i.e.,

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