This Will Be A Review Of The Building Of New Cultural Framework

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This will be a review of the building of new cultural framework within a call center at Advanced Home Care, Inc. The Customer Care Center (CCC) is Advanced Home Care’s call center. The team takes over thirty thousand calls a month. The number of calls per staff member each day ranges from seventy five to one hundred and twenty. The CCC speaks to Advanced Home Care’s patients, referral sources, patient care givers, vendors, and internal departments and regions. Since Advanced Home Care is a home medical equipment provider, respiratory therapy, enteral therapy, infusion therapy, and home health care provider; the CCC takes calls of all kinds within this framework of business. This business comes from the nine regions Advanced Home Care…show more content…
Phase I consisted of 3 feedback mechanisms both formative and summative. Phase II of the program is maintenance or sustainability of the learning that occurred in the foundational session. In this phase staff receive reminders in the weekly newsletter along with a separate email each week with review of the concepts and provocative thought questions that push staff to consider their actions and how being different would improve not only their satisfaction and performance but positively impact our callers. Phase III of the culture journey program is most massive in nature as it begins the process of engaging and enrolling other departments in a collaborator manner to improve departmental communication in order to provide a seamless customer experience. In this phase the CCC staff will spend time immersed in another team’s area and other teams will be immersed in the CCC area. The CCC staff will share their commitments and actions as it relates to the customer experience and request the other teams to think about how they can support their commitments to provide excellence in customer care. Phase III will still have the same sustainability measures as Phase II with the same frequency but the content will be derived from feedback gained in the team’s collaboration sessions with other departments.
Program Goals and
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