Thomas Alva Edison : Overcoming Life's Obstacles

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Thomas Alva Edison: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles
The obstacles life chooses to erect can be spontaneous and difficult, obstructing paths to triumph, debilitating abilities to achieve, and challenging capabilities to endure. When life chose to manifest obstacles in opposition to the brilliant mind and goals of an inspired innovator, Thomas Alva Edison exemplified a force to be reckoned with. At first glance, Edison led a successful life, but a more in-depth look argues how he’d managed to do it. Furthermore, what obstacles did he have to overcome during his lifetime? He survived each obstacle systematically, overall playing a vital role in shaping the modern world through innovation. However, he wouldn’t accomplish this role effortlessly. Truth be told, Edison’s path to greatness encompassed his disruptive adolescence, unconventional methods of success, and an exceptional ability to endure many failures. Although his inventions and ideologies exalted him, Thomas Edison overcame an exhausting amount of life’s obstacles before achieving anticipated victory.
Alva, how his mother referred to him, was an odd-looking boy that described himself as “a bushel of wheat” (Conot 3). He would always find a route into the middle of conflict and habitually lived life by his own set of rules. At a very young age, Alva was forced to find ways to entertain himself and quickly developed a vivid imagination. It enabled him to keep himself busy. Alva had a very peculiar way of thinking; his

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