My Biblical Worldview

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When one has decided on a worldview, it will govern the life they lead and play into motives, morals, and actions. I have chosen a path in which I believe is not of human ideas but a holy, purposeful way to live. I am an evangelical Christian and I believe the Bible is God’s written Word and I base my entire life and the way I look at the world off of it. There are five categories that are unique to my Biblical worldview that shape the way I live. Metaphysics, Theology, Epistemology, Anthropology, and Ethics determine the different branches in my worldview and the assumptions I make. In my opinionated worldview, God exists and is at the center with everything else revolving around Him.
“In the beginning [of the cosmos] was the Word [Logos,
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The Bible tells us that it took God six days to create the world and on the seventh day He rested. It is creationists that believe that God created the world and every living thing on this world was created with a purpose. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.” God started creating the universe by bringing light into the world. Then he separated the skies from the seas. Next, it was land and vegetation. On the fourth day God placed the stars, sun, and moon in the sky. After that, God created sea creatures. Finally, on the sixth day God created animals and mankind. Not only, does the Bible describe what God created, but it also tells the order in which we created them. God made humans to have souls and therefore we were certainly not made by accident. We are all humans, sinners, and imperfect creatures, but still made in the likeness of God himself. If one is a born again Christian that person will have eternal…show more content…
. . the science of Christian faith and life.” Saint Augustine in the fifth-century defined theology as “Rational discussion respecting the deity.” A. H. Strong, the great twentieth century theologian said that theology is “the Science of God and of the relations between God and the universe.” Simply put, Theology is the study of God, and I believe there is a one true God, Jesus Christ. I also believe that theology can be used as a tool to try and understand God, gaining wisdom and in the pursuit of a better
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