Thomas Friedman’S Introduction Started With A Brief History

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Thomas Friedman’s introduction started with a brief history of how we found out that the world is round. He then went from talking about the 1400s to the present time and finished his paragraph with “The world is flat.” (Pg.33). Obviously, we all know that the world is round, so this caught my attention because I wanted to understand what he was about to explain. He spoke about how technology and globalization changed people’s lives and many people didn’t realize it. His first two paragraphs were difficult for me to understand because I was mainly visualizing the historic events. And I couldn’t see how he related globalization to the earth being round or flat.

In Friedman’s globalization analyses, he was referring in a general aspect …show more content…

Businesses now work more effective and cheap due to the competitive prices of resources that have become more easily accessible. In the business sector a globalization effect that has personally affected me is the advancement in transportation. We have jet engines, container ships that move product from country to another. Depending on which perspective I’m seeing through globalization, it is either a pro or a con. If I see transportation globalization as an employee then it is a con for myself, because jobs are being given to people in other countries for less. Then from a consumer perspective, I benefit from transportation globalization because now the product is cheaper and now I am paying less.

On a daily basis transportation globalization affects me on a more personal level. For example, when I order something online and the store doesn’t have the item on stock then they will use the internet to strategize supply and demand to a certain area. And then as soon as I order my item, the store will instantly deliver my item either to my shipping address or to the closest store available to me. Another way that transportation globalization affects me directly is through the use of mobile applications such as Uber and Lyft. Through the use of these applications, I can get transportation rides from one destination to another. We have rental vehicles at our commodity and there is even a specific mobile application where we can rent another person’s vehicle

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