Thomas Green Case Analysis

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Thomas Green Case Analysis Executive Summary The primary problem in this case deals with a source of tension between two employees that have recently received promotions. There are various individual factors that may be a source of conflict that the case points to; however both parties need to look beyond their own personal perspectives in order to move towards the organizational goals. In the case of Thomas Green, he certainly has a lot of maturing to do before he is able to perform well as the next stage in his career development. In the case of his supervisor, Mr. Davis, he must also learn how to help disgruntled employees fill into their position in their new roles without any personal feelings get in the way. Several observations were made as to how both employees could address the problems. However, given the fact that both employees are new to their roles, the best case solution may involve a more senior management professional getting involved and setting a good example for both employees by resolving the sources of conflict and aligning them towards organizational goals. Overview of Company and Industry Thomas Green's ambition has put him in a problematic position at Dynamic Displays. After an extremely short tenure at the company, Green was subsequently able to impress many key decision makers in the organization with his remarkable salesmanship as well as the interpersonal skills that gained remarkable success with his clients. Shannon McDonald,
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