Thomas Jefferson's Response To The Declaration Of Independence

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There are many people other than Thomas Jefferson that considers his election revolutionary. The reason for this is because of the changes that was made in the presidency and in Congress. The Federalist lost control of both, presidency and Congress, and the Republicans took control. Jefferson was the vice president of John Adams from 1797-1801. In 1800 Jefferson was elected to president. There was a tie between Jefferson and Burr with 73 electoral votes a piece and the committee chose Jefferson to be the next president and Burr would be the vice president. The Republicans and Jefferson thought that America was going back to the ways of Britain. Citizens was working for the government and not the government working for the citizens.…show more content…
It was his way of showing the people that he did not want to be treated as a king. March 4, 1801, in his inaugural address he said, “We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists” (Harrell, D. E., Jr., 2005). The transition from Federalist power to Republican power is why the election of 1800 is considered a revolution. The power of government changed just as it did when the country separated its self from British government. “Unite with one heart and one mind” (Harrell, D. E., Jr., 2005), Jefferson wanted everybody to come together and not be separated. Jefferson wanted everybody to work together. He wanted people to know that everybody is the same regardless of their political stand point. For Jefferson, becoming president was more than just the government changing guard. Jefferson won people over by convincing them that their liberties was being threatened by the Federalist. Jefferson did not do much to get people to vote for him other than making them think that their liberties was being threatened. The election was the first election to switch powers completely and it switched peacefully. Just as America went from being controlled by British government, Jefferson was the cause of America again switching power from Federalist to
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