Thomas Mahogany: A Tragic Hero

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It wasn’t Thomas Mahogany’s fault he just tried to fix his problems. (Ten years earlier). He was sitting in his room crying because know one was there to comfort him, he complained towards God because he thought God took away his Mom, Dad, Brother, and Grandma. He was Just Angry at the world so he yelled and cried and complained in his room and he went downstairs to his Foster mom who was always drunk and couldn’t keep a job ever and asked if he could live in the basement to do some science experiments in the basement to relieve the stress on his feelings cause of life. The next day was Friday and Thomas Mahogany had to go to school, it was the 5th of March and he really did not want to go to school another day but he did anyway and he thought…show more content…
His Foster Mom opened up the door and cause of the wind that the opening of the door created his ghost self went flying straight towards his body. As soon as he touched his body he felt normal again he wasn’t flying he was actually back in his body. Which made him even more confused that he ran up and hugged his Foster Mom because he was thankful. But as soon as he touched his Foster Mom he felt a weird feeling and he saw his body drop he was his mom not just looked like his mom he just saw himself fall to the ground he was his mom. he freaked out and went to look in a mirror. But as soon as he saw himself he freaked out he went back downstairs trying to figure out what was going on. He was downstairs until about 11PM and he figured it out. If he touched his Mom and became/Possessed her he figured if he touched himself he could go back so he went back and touched his lifeless self and nothing happened. He is freaking out so bad that he is shaking the lifeless body and crying because he might be his mom for the rest of his/her life.and then he has a better…show more content…
He didn’t feel anything at first but two minutes later he started to feel drowsy and he ran up in his moms body to her room and sat down on her bed and fell asleep. He was floating above her now awake body looking really confused because all she remembered was being downstairs hugging Him before she came back downstairs he quickly flew downstairs in his Ghost form and went into his
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