Thorny Soil

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What Type of Soil Am I? When the word of the Lord is proclaimed, I know that it is important that I listen and follow the instructions told in it. Although, I am human, so that's not always the case. In reference to the Parable of the Sower, I can be each of the types of soil at times. Sometimes I am like hard, rocky, or thorny soil. Other times I am like fertile soil, and listen and take in the Word of God as I should. All of these are because I am human, an am not perfect. Sometimes I am like a beaten down path. I can be hard at heart and unwilling to take in the Word of God. I may refuse to listen to it, or just refuse to reflect on it. Most times, this is an affect of going through hardship. However, getting into the habit of turning to God during hardships rather than blaming …show more content…

On occasions I may take in the Word of God and reflect on it for some time, but later forget about it and put it out of my thoughts. Things like temptation and peer pressure may cause me to turn away from God and tempt me to "choke" His Words and take them out of my mind. This reactions are a cause of my heart being like thorny soil. Finally, most of the time I am like fertile soil. I reflect on the Word of God and live it out in my actions and thoughts. I strive to know God's Word and actually listen to it. I have been taught by my parents, teachers, and other religious teachers how to understand the Word of God. Good soil must be cared for and tended to. In that way, I must continue to think about and actively live out God's Word. In conclusion, I am human. Therefore, I am imperfect and will resemble hard, rocky, thorny, and fertile soil throughout my spiritual journey of life. Jesus knew that as humans we would resemble at least one of these types of soil at some points in our lives. As a result of this, He was able to benefit all of our minds by giving us this knowledge through the Parable of the

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