Those Opposed Of Gmo Labeling Have Won Once Again

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Those opposed to GMO labeling have won once again. In “California Rejects Labeling Of Genetically Modified Food; Supporters Vow To Fight On”, Amy Standen points out the advantages that biotechnology companies have over local, small farms. Standen highlights the individual support, effort, and money put into labeling GMO’s. “Yes to 37” was a step away from success, until the opposing side stepped in and won the labeling battle. Through the use of direct quotes, as well as reference to companies like Monsanto, it becomes clear that biotechnology has succeeded once again. Standen uses these rhetorical strategies to evoke both an emotional, and ethical appeal within the reader throughout this article.
Standen targets the reader’s emotional side by acknowledging the money, time, and passion put towards “Yes to 37.” These individuals were passionate about putting GMO labels on their food, but they knew that they would have to stand up to a strong opposing side. This passion and effort put towards this campaign could have been very emotionally exhausting for those small farmers that simply do not have the money to support what they stand for. Although they may have many people who stand on their side, no support compares to the financial support that the opposing side has. As time went on, these small farmers begin to lose hope within what they are standing for, which results in the opposing side succeeding with hardly any effort. Those who are not in favor of labeling GMO’s do

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