Essay about Though Hidden from Society, Slavery Still Exists Today

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This essay will attempt to describe the modalities and consequences of the abolition of the slave trade in early nineteenth century West Africa. We now live in a world where slavery is considered not to be morale since it was abolished however cases of slavery still exist today but are hidden from the public eye so well that no one even knows the exist. Forcing someone to perform various duties like cleaning without any form of payment against their will is considered to be a form of slavery and anyone found to be having slaves or holding anyone against their will these days is punished and possibly sentenced to jail for a very long period of time. We are in the 21st century and slavery is something that is not accepted by …show more content…

It is believed that 25 million slaves were sold and shipped using the transatlantic slave trade however there has been plenty of debate by many people that the 25 million slaves figure is not accurate at all. They believe that more than 25 million slaves may have been transported using the transatlantic slave trade also known as the triangle trade, Murphy (2012).

Below is a diagram which illustrates how the transatlantic slave trade took place.
Hogg (2013) stated in his book that the transatlantic slave trade started off in Europe where the Europeans carried with them manufactured cotton to be traded with African chiefs for slaves. From the diagram above it is clear to see that it affected autochthonous forms of slavery by transporting the slaves from Africa to South America and America where they were forced to work and produce raw cotton which was then transported back to Europe to be used by its citizens. Trade happened in Africa, in America and lastly in Europe and that is how the transatlantic slave trade managed to affect autochthonous forms of slavery because it created a link between Africa, America and Europe. Klein (2010) stated in his book that it is believed that over 35,000 journeys took place on the transatlantic slave trade with many slaves not making it through this long and

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