Three Components Of Organizational Communication At M�tis Aboriginal Organizations

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Final Report Within organizations there are three essential components to being successful. These components are communication, planning, decision making, and conflict resolution. In conjunction with the individuals employed these components are essential in the structure of operation in an organization. Within Métis Calgary Family Services, there are components that work very well, and others that need further development and application. The organization provides services to the Aboriginal population, and is developed and provided by Aboriginal peoples. This paper will give a background on all four components, and then provide further analysis for communication, and conflict resolution. Organizations cannot plan or make decisions without prominent communication and effective conflict resolution. Furthermore, the theoretical approach to these topics, consists of how each are intertwined and rely on one another for the success of an organization. This paper will also include a personal reflection based on recommendations I would make in-order-to address any issues within the subject areas of communication and conflict resolution. According to Zoe Laycock, Team Lead of the Aboriginal Students Program at Métis Calgary Family Services, communication, planning, decision making, and conflict resolution are the foundation of a well functioning team, and organization (N.D.). Essentially without proper communication, organizations would be stagnant and unproductive.

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