Three Examples Of Emotional Abuse

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There are several types of abuse when it comes to emotional abuse. It happens all around this world. Emotional abuse is commonly defined as a pattern of behavior by parents that interferes with a child’s emotional, physical, psychological, or social behavior. Emotional abuse takes on many forms including rejecting, degrading, terrorizing, isolating, exploiting, and denying attention or love. All types of emotional abuse involve adult caregivers using power to control a child, adolescent, or teen who depends on them (Newton 19). One person once said being emotionally abused made them feel worthless, and it made them feel like they had no reason to be here.

Physical, mental, and verbal abuse are three different examples of emotional abuse. …show more content…

Sometimes adults are not able to care for a child because of they are too busy, they have addictions, or they have stress. When a parent or authority figure places unreasonable, excessive or impossible demands on the child, uses intimidation and aggressive methods or uses verbal attacks it can be considered emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can also mean psychological or emotional neglect. When the parent or caregiver denies the child love, guidance, or support, they are robbing that child of the ability to experience normal psychological growth and development ( Partridge ). Some of the common problems of emotional abuse include insecurity, social withdrawal, depression, destructive behavior, suicide, low self esteem, or lack of confidence. It affects the person being abused immediately and in the long run as well. There are many different signs and symptoms. some of the signs may include talking badly about themselves, seeming emotionally immature when being compared to other peers, or experiencing sudden change in behavior, such as doing poorly in school. You can also tell by a person’s actions or emotions towards the people around them. Babies and pre-school children who are being emotionally abused or neglected

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