LTAC Facilities Within The Greater Atlanta Area

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Three health care organizations that are of interest to me are the following LTAC

facilities within the Greater Atlanta Area.

1. Dekalb Medical LTAC
2. Wellstar Health System LTAC
3. Landmark Hospital of Athens LTAC

DeKalb Medical Center LTAC is a non-profit organization that offers long term acute care.

They have 76 beds in their facility. Wellstar Health System LTAC is also a non-profit health

organization that offers long term acute care. They have 115 beds in their facility. Lastly,

Landmark Hospital in Athens, offers long term acute care and has 42 bed in their facility but they

are for-profit.

Non-profit hospitals does not mean that they cannot make a profit, it just means that the

profitable money they make …show more content…

We need to

make sure we are getting marketing collateral into the hands of the executives.

Me personally, as a practice manager I am more inclined to refer to a

facility for rehabilitation and home health agency when I can develop a trusting relationship

with the representative. We deal with a lot of Home Health and Ostomy Nurses, I want to make

sure my patients are taken care of and that the doctors are being informed of any changes with

the patient. I want to get a phone call immediately of any changes, not reading about it in a daily

progress note. As for payers, this is a tricky relationship to build. Many health organizations try

to build relationship with their area representative with the insurance carriers they participate

with. I know, when I was doing credentialing for a health organization I built a relationship with

the area representative to help me out with any credentialing issues and contract issues. By

building this relationship, when issues did arise I was able to speak with the representative. I

was also able to put the patients mind at ease by letting them know I was speaking to a direct

representative with their insurance company and not just a customer service representative. Also

by building this relationship, I am better able to address any questions or concerns regarding

specific plans without having to direct them to the 800 number on the back of their card.

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