Three Key Factors Identifying Vulnerabilities

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Three key factors in conducting a risk assessment identifying vulnerabilities, possible threats, and the associated risks, with operations, events, and other specified functions or roles. First and foremost, vulnerability, by definition, is identifiable weaknesses that can be exploited for malicious intent, gain unintended access, or even disrupt service. (Pinkerton, 2014) In the modern world, no product or security measure manufactured or implemented is invulnerable; in order to make technology work some vulnerability is accepted. In my place employment, there are numerous applications, servers, and other transmission capable devices that communicate in plaintext, which is susceptible to packet sniffing from hackers. However, the technologies would not operate as the developers intended without these vulnerabilities. Second, a threat is an opposing uncontrollable force, human, natural disaster, or malicious software that causes harm, disruption, or even death. (Pinkerton, 2014) Examples …show more content…

(Pinkerton, 2014) The daily commute to and from work seems safe, but the risk of death attributed automobile accidents, with the U.S. having over 35,200 fatalities, in 2016. (Chen, 2016) Furthermore, the automobile industry and the Department of Transportation implement safety standards, such as seat belts, speed limits, airbags, and other vehicle restrain systems, in attempt to mitigate risks.
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