Three Little Words Book Report

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The book I have chosen to read for my independent reading assignment is called, “Three Little Words” by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. Ashley Rhodes-Courter was just only three years old when her mother was taken by the police. Ashley had a younger brother named luke. Her mother, Lorraine, was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Her step-father Dusty was abusive as well as a drug addict and an alcoholic. Lorraine, Dusty, Luke, Ashley, and lorraine’s twin sister all lived in the same, small, trailer park home. Lorraine had ashley when she was a teenager. Their home soon became the local teen hangout. As well as having parties with drugs and alcohol while ashley was there. Ashley soon caught onto what Lorraine and Dusty were saying. She started repeating the bad things that came out of Lorraine and Dusty's mouth.

When the family wanted to move to Florida, Ashley was in her car seat strapped in but not buckled into the seat. She flew right out of the car while it was moving. Dusty Lorraine got in some trouble with the law. Ashley and Luke were then taken away, kicking and screaming. Ashley didn’t understand at the time, because of how young she was, that Luke and herself would never live with their mother again. That was the day Luke and Ashley were entered into the foster care system. …show more content…

They were immediately moved back to Florida to their new foster house which was not she pleasant. Their new foster home was packed to the brim full of foster kids. The conditions were terrible, and their foster parents screaming lunatics. Ashley and Luke were shortly moved out of that so called home and back to South Carolina to live with Adele. Ashley was sent back to Florida by herself this time. In Ashley’s life time she has been in 14 different foster homes. As well as talking to 44 caseworkers in only 9 years. Ashley at the age of 13, was finally adopted by this lovely

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