Three branches of government

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The components of the constitution are the framework for our country, and all function to give our government structure. The judicial, legislative, and executive branches are all key components that make up our government, acting independently from the others, and allowing for checks and balances in order to prevent misuse of power. Federalism affects how our government is run, and especially the criminal justice system. Within our criminal justice system the main components are law enforcement, criminal courts, civil courts, and corrections.

Federal Government & Criminal Justice System
The United States federal government is made up of three branches, which all serve different purpose but
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Federalism is important so that there can be a set of checks and balances over the states, and so that people can appeal to a higher court if necessary.
Criminal Justice System There are many components of the criminal justice system and roles that each department have. The first component is law enforcement, which are first responders, and typically the first to show up to a reported crime scene. It is their jobs to enforce the laws of the land, help prevent crimes by policing, and arrest those suspected of committing crimes (OTHER. Once a person is arrested, they enter into the criminal court system.
The court system is made up of defense and prosecuting attorneys, as well as judges and juries. Criminal courts are separated into state and federal, and depending on the crime, the accused will tried at either one. The court system is an important part of due process, where someone is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Judges determine whether or not to let the defendant post bond, and can also issue warrants which will allow police officers to arrest suspects (Volkomer, 2011). Those accused have a chance to present their case and be heard. If the defendant is found guilty, they will be given their sentence in court and turned over to corrections.
Not all court proceedings are criminal, legal proceedings can also be civil (Davenport, 2012). Civil courts deal with cases where a person files a complaint against the person being sued, which
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