Through Sociology Classes In Two Years At Willamette, There

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Through Sociology classes in two years at Willamette, there are many improvements in researching, understanding, and interpreting the social world. I’m from different country, and I hadn’t learned sociology much before, so these improvements are significantly valuable. Especially compared to my country, the way and the number of people who think about social problems are different, which gave me more opportunities and circumstance to study sociology critically. I also gained sociological knowledge that I can apply to problems in Japan, and developed skills to find and analyze social issue in Japan.
In Navigating Social Worlds class, I could gain and develop my sociological imagination. This was my first sociology class, and I had almost
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Also since I learned about social class from Marx and neo-Marx theories, I understand some social reasons why there are inequalities, and the relationship between class inequalities and other aspects such as social institution. I would say this class is one of the reasons why I got interested in social class and eventually I wrote about class differences for my senior thesis. Especially we had many opportunities to study social class it gives me he idea, “each person doesn’t have own thoughts or idea to be rich or improve their social status because of pressures from people around or society”, “even thought people don’t feel they have personal right by the pressures, I don’t think these people try to aim to get bourgeoisies’ powers.” To make these clear, I could get the strong idea that people who are lower class people can’t or even don’t try to improve their life. At the time, I gave “pressure from people and society” as a reason of this problem but I argue that it is because it is almost impossible to do once they get in lower class, such as poverty cycle, because of strong social structure.
I tool both Quantitative and Qualitative Social method study at the same time, and it was really hard for me. For Quantitative study, it was questionable why we got introduced a new computer software “SAS” to gather and create tables of our research, even though we studied statistics using Systats

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