Through The Looking Glass : Article Review

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Through the Looking Glass:
Article Review
The peer reviewed article by Caffo (2011), “Through the Looking Glass: Instinctual and Cultural Influences on U.S. Worker’s Views of Ethics and the Workplace” demonstrates three possible explanations for self-evaluating the process of ethical decision making. This is a thought provoking article, which explains the ambiguous human perspective on ethical behavior. Although there are no specific studies associated with this article, it does however theorize that there are three specific observations, which best explain work related ethical behaviors. The scholarly article’s hypothesizes that human instincts, cultures, and polarizing pressures between social and individual responsibilities all affect people’s “ethical” decision making. Also, the article’s methods used, its results, and its overall significance will be analyzed and presented.
The Hypothesis
There are three different hypotheses, which are presented in this article. First, that ethical decision making derives from human biological instincts, which have been developed for self-preservation. Secondly, that these biological instincts vary, depending on the individual or group’s ability to conduct thorough assessments of what conduct is beneficial. Thirdly, that ethics are influenced by cultural environments, especially larger organizations. Altogether, these hypotheses are all interconnected due to the fact they help to influence individual and group
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