Throughout Some Slave Narratives, Slave Holders Who Are

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Throughout some slave narratives, slave holders who are Christians are questioned. African- Americans notice the hypocrisy that characterized white Christianity, pointing out the contradiction between God 's word and slaveholders ' cruelty and inhumane way of treating slaves. Slaves noticed this difference, modified their Christian beliefs to become a part of their daily life. Religion became an escape away from their reality. Christianity in African- American literature has different points that are made; slaves learning about religion, the ability to look to God during the bad times that slaves are enduring, and the question of how can white slave masters be considered Christians after committing wrongful actions. Religion had been a …show more content…

“Ain’t God dar?” “Yes, Joe.” “Don’t He know ebery ting?” “Yes, Joe.” And He gwine to let massa come dar after he been beatin and whippin’ me for fifty years? If I go dar and massa is dar, I 'll put on my old hat and come straight out of dar.’ I won 't stay in no such a heaven, where they let such a man as massa stay dar.” (Anderson 1857). Again, in Our Nig, “Frado pondered; her mistress was a professor of religion; was she going to heaven? Then she did not want to go.” (Wilson 58). Slaves felt like there was no escape when they heard they would meet their master again after death. Was Christianity really what it is said to be? Did God really accept white masters who treat people in such a horrible way? These questions ran through the minds of the slaves.
Slaves wanted to learn more about religion to answer their questions. Some were confused when they went to their master’s church. They heard the differences between the white church sermons and black community church sermons. Was there really justification for what the masters were doing? This made slaves modify their religion to be a part of their daily life and what they believed God meant for their people. Slaves wanted to learn more about Christianity and religion, but this was hard. Their masters didn’t want them to become knowledgeable. There was a fear that slaves would become more mannered and cultured. They tried to make the slaves believe that there was no need to pray, the only obligation they had

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