Tigating Tension Waterloot: Case Study

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Company Background
University students are under immense pressure during exam season and by creating this product it can relieve some of the stress that our fellow peers are facing. There are clear trends that a rising number of stressed students are looking for help. After examining it depicts how there has been a constant twenty percent increase in students searching for help year to year. To assist in mitigating tension WaterLoot has various items in its products that are catered to alleviating stress and helping students to relax. For this month, specifically there will be a face mask, chocolate, and a stress ball to assist in alleviating stress. Also, there is a deck of cards, coupons, and a stuffed
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Mental health is a huge issue, especially with the lack of effective health services at many universities, that just cannot service the tremendous number of students looking for help. By intensively advertising this stress relieving kit and getting a kit to every student it can help mitigate the stress on health services. Presently we are going to test the market and focus on the University of Waterloo, which currently has 36,670 students enrolled. However, if we were to acquire the business of the one point seven million university students in Canada for 2016, there is significant growth potential. For the business to become successful the product has become widespread or it has to be implemented into the orientation kits of freshman students. Just Canada alone has a large market for Waterloot due to the fact that there is such a rise in students looking for help with dealing with the stress of attending university. If we were to grow out of being a domestic company there are estimated to be at least 200 hundred million post-secondary students in the world. There is an immense need for these kits as students are often stressed. This product will help enhance their overall well being and university
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