Tim Berners Lee : The Inventor Of The Web

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Tim Berners-Lee is a famous computer scientist from England who is famous for being known as the inventor of the Web. During his many presentations, he points out numerous key ideas based on how he developed the web and the main components behind operating the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee begins his presentation by discussing how he began in the world of technology by working as a software engineer working with data systems during this time. He mentions how frustrating and incompatible it was to simply figure out how to build something because of the long process it took to do such a thing instead of just “clicking” something on the web like we know today. He also mentioned how difficult it was to truly explain to someone what the web was. …show more content…

Lastly, the third rule is that when the information is received from the HTTP protocol all the data should be contained in data relationships. Stating that data is relationships, meaning that all the information given in one HTTP contains all the data and relationships in a single hyperlink making everything much simpler than before. Ultimately, everything that is mentioned in these three rules all comes down to being linked data. Linked data is all the relationships and information that is used in these HTTP protocols and returns the data for easier access by using these relationships, instead of using multiple programs in order to find information based on one piece of data. Berners-Lee goes on to finish his presentation by stating that this whole process of using HTTP protocols is simply the use of linked data and the many connections involved when using this data. In another presentation, Berners-Lee discusses the idea behind modifying and implementing a user interface on web pages and how the web went worldwide. When the web was being used more often, it went worldwide, which ultimately brought up the question of how all this complex data being used everywhere was going to be tracked. Berners-Lee states that satellites are used in order to make “mash-up” maps that hold data all around the world and use a user interface in order to properly organize traffic, energy, and other important data onto these so called mash-up maps. By

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